Megu means “blessings” in the Japanese language

Welcome to Megu Restaurants! Our doors are wide open to let you experience authentic Japanese cuisine in the midst of bustling New York area. You do not have to travel halfway across the globe to experience Japan’s finest food creations because we have brought them closer to you. 

Megu means “blessings” in the Japanese language. And that is what this restaurant means to us. It is a blessing for us to be able to offer the different cuisines from various regions in our beloved country so that we can let New York and the rest of America know that Japanese cuisine is world class. It brings us so much pride to finally be able to share our traditional dishes with the rest of the world. We have worked very hard in recreating these dishes to fit the modern appetite. Yes, we aimed for perfection so that our guests will have the ultimate dining experience. 

Megu aims to bless you, our dear patrons, guests, and diners with our humble creations. We have brought the finest ingredients from all over the world to be able to serve you the finest Japanese cuisine. We have perfected the cooking traditions from the different regions in Japan to bring you to the edge of your dining experience as you taste Umami in our dishes. Umami is that flavor that gives you the ultimate satisfaction when eating. Not all dishes can emit the Umami flavor that is why we have worked hard in concocting our dishes to be able to release this elusive flavor. Aside from the flavor, we have given thorough attention to details in the presentation to achieve visual art in our cuisine, making our dishes creations of modern and elegant art. 

We invite you to experience the Japanese brand of hospitality when you go to our restaurants. We have branches in United Nations Plaza and in Thomas Street in New York. We hope you can go out of your garage doors in Michigan and visit us soon. Come and dine with us and have the most excellent Japanese experience from the ambiance, service, and of course, our menu right in the heart of New York. Some of our best sellers and signature dishes are the Tajima Kobe Beef Skewers, Megu Original Crispy Asparagus, Megu Oriental Salad, Grilled Smelt Shishamo, Kobe Beef Steak Stone Grill, Tajima Kobe Beef Sashimi, Yellowtail Carpaccio, Salmon Tartare, Roasted Miso Maine Lobster with Parmesan, Tuna Tartare with Osetra Caviar, and our Assorted Sushi. We also offer delicious desserts and a whole variety of drinks and beverages. Aside from our menu, you can also dine inside the sophisticated interiors of our restaurants. These were designed by Yasumichi Morita who works for Glamorous Company in Japan. Her artistic touch truly gave the place an authentic Japanese feel while still exuding elegance. Even our staff wear authentic Japanese kimonos. All of these efforts bespeak of the restaurant’s hospitality as we want to make you feel at home in our Japanese restaurant in New York.